Prince Harry, William Expected To Reconcile On Vacation?

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Prince Harry, William expected to reconcile on vacation?


Prince Harry and Prince William could reconcile this holiday season after years of royal conflict, according to an astrologer who claims their astrological charts point in that direction.

Talking to The showbiz cheat sheetastrologer Joy Yaskon-Elms claimed that the charts of both Prince Harry and Prince William point to a possible reunion later this year, but also to Harry’s upcoming memoir. Spare It can be a hindrance to reconciliation.

Yascone-Elms said: “Prince Harry and Prince William’s chart points to a healing conversation or meeting during the holidays. That would help smooth things over a bit. I think that’s very understandable. That their children will bring them together.

However, he continued: “However, Prince Harry’s memoir will be released to the public after this reunion at the start of the New Year. While the royal family may not enjoy the book or its potential impact, “For Prince Harry, this book is not about destroying the family. It’s about telling his truth.”

Yascone-Elms explained: “Both Prince Harry and Prince William have had to process their mother’s very high-profile life and death in public. Their lives have always been public as part of their royal legacy. Their sorrows, growing pains, joys and sorrows, so why process their truth and pain in private?

As we all know everyone’s process is different. And it is evident from Prince Harry’s chart that his family is his priority and his commitment to family,” the astrologer concluded.


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