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If you want to create a website like then you should buy this package to get all these things like Elementor Pro and Theme etc. You must read the description before buying anything.

Item #1

For the Complete below package.


Pak Zalmi All Item Content File.

1: Automatic Post Update Code With Last Date In Pak Zalmi Code 1

2: Marquee Text (Running Text)

3: Responsive Code

4: Import Header With Logo Pak Zalmi.json

5: Header and Menu design.json

6: elementor-467-2020-03-29.json

7: Elementor pro


9: Astra-settings-export-03-29-2020.json

10: Astra-addon (1).zip

11: Astra (1).zip

12: Pak Zalmi Logo

Note:- We should help you out if you would be any difficulty in making your website.  Digital products and the amount will not be refunded so before buying you read the description.

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