Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024


Good News! The Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to study in Australia. Students from all countries are welcome to apply for the University of Melbourne scholarship, which enables them to pursue higher education without worrying about finances, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand. International students are given this undergraduate scholarship in recognition of their prior academic success.

One of the greatest and safest places to study is Melbourne, Australia. The University of Melbourne has created a strategy that enables faculty, staff, and researchers to significantly impact this difficult world. Gifted students have an amazing chance to participate in all of these innovative activities and apply them in real-world settings. In order to assist international students who join the University of Melbourne’s strategy and contribute to global development but would not otherwise be able to afford to study in Australia, the university annually grants Melbourne undergraduate scholarships.

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About the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024:

  • Host Country: Australia
  • Institution(s): University of Melbourne
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Course Duration: 4 Years
  • Deadline: November 30, 2023,

Advantages of the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024:

Applicants will receive the following advantages through the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024:

  • The scholarship will cover the $10,000 first-year undergraduate program tuition at Melbourne University.
  • Under the undergraduate scholarship, there will be a three-year 50% fee remission.
  • If recipients of the scholarship maintain an exceptional academic record and meet all university requirements, they may also receive a 100% fee waiver for the following three years.
  • This is a chance to study at the best university in Australia.


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Eligibility Requirements for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024:

The eligibility requirements for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 are as follows:

  • All nations’ international students are eligible to apply.
  • International student scholarships at the University of Melbourne are not available to citizens of Australia or New Zealand.
  • A letter of offer from the University of Melbourne is required for applicants.
  • They must have graduated from upper secondary school with honors or grades that would have put them in the top 3%, such as:
  1. 3A* (at least 93%) in the A-levels.
  2. In research from the Australian Foundation, at least 98%
  3. At least a 42 on the International Baccalaureate exam.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.9, minimum ACT of 31, and minimum SAT score of 1500 (US high school system)
  • The Canadian Secondary School System states that a 97% overall score is needed to be eligible for this scholarship.
  • Per the Indian secondary school system, foreign applicants need to have a minimum overall score of 95%.
  • The Vietnamese high school system stipulates that a minimum cumulative score of 90% is necessary.
  • Candidates cannot have completed any post-secondary education before.

Applying Procedures:

Applying procedures for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 are as follows:

  • There is no need to submit a separate application for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship Program.
  • Students whose academic records meet the requirements for eligibility and who receive an unconditional offer from Melbourne University will be given priority consideration for the scholarship.
  • To be eligible for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship, applicants must apply through the regular admissions process for the University of Melbourne’s undergraduate program.
  • Students must, however, pay the application fee. There’s no waiver of the application fee.
  • Apply online by using the application portal.

Note: Please click this link for additional details regarding the application process.

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