Megyn Kelly Says Alec Baldwin Should 'At Least Do Time' For Deadly Rush Shooting

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Megyn Kelly Says Alec Baldwin Should ‘At Least Do Time’ For Deadly Rush Shooting


Megyn Kelly slams Alec Baldwin and his PR strategy after deadly shooting rust The set resulted in the death of director of photography, Halina Hutchins.

During The Megyn Kelly ShowThis was said by the 52-year-old media personality. the edge Starr should at least “act” guilty to this incident.

Since the accident on the film’s set, Baldwin has been blaming the prop crew, who reportedly have a history of carelessness when handling firearms on set. Radar Online.

“From the outside looking in, I feel bad for everybody, honestly, I feel bad for Baldwin,” Kelly said on her show. It was an accident.”

However, he then criticized the actor for blaming the film’s head armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, saying Baldwin was “hanging him out to dry.”

“I feel bad for this young armorer, too,” Kelly said. “I see Alec Baldwin with his multi-million dollar lawyers and PR teams hanging him out to dry.” And she has no money and she is very young.”

“And you can just see what’s going on,” added the host. “Her PR machine has decided she’s guilty, not him. And what does this girl have to defend herself? Nothing. She has nothing.”

“At least act” criminally, Kelly taunted the actor, adding, “If you’re not actually feeling a hint.”


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