King Charles III Received 'deeply' Disturbing News When His Swans Contracted Bird Flu

Pak Zalmi

King Charles III received ‘deeply’ disturbing news when his swans contracted bird flu


King Charles III’s swans have been hit by bird flu as a third of the new monarch’s flock on the Thames has died since last Thursday.

According to reports, charities have spent six days removing around 70 bodies from the royal flock.

the sun reported that sources say Ms. will be “deeply disturbed” by the death toll.

“King Charles takes a great interest in the forest life across all royal estates and beyond, particularly at Windsor where he is now head ranger.

“He will be very upset by this major outbreak,” said a Windsor Castle source.

Meanwhile, Swan Support Rescue Chief said: “We have 66 dead so far but the phone is still ringing off the hook with more reports and we are doing our best to pick up all the dead swans.”

This is the second time this year that the disease has returned as around seven swans died at the same location in January.

She added: “I’ve been looking after royal swans under the castle for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.

“The rate at which these swans are dying is terrifying because they’re literally falling dead in the water everywhere and every day we’re pulling them out.”


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