'He Is Getting Weaker And Weaker'

Pak Zalmi

‘He is getting weaker and weaker’


Meghan Markle’s power over Prince Harry has just been put under the microscope, amid both nominations for the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Human Rights Award.

This confession was brought up by Royal author Angela Levine in her conversation with Dan Wootton.

According to Sky News Australia, She began by admitting, “It actually sickens me that Harry, who was close to his father until his marriage, actually felt that he could accept money and an award that Trying to prove that his family was racist … there is zero evidence.”

He also claimed before concluding, “He’s obviously doing what he’s told. I mean he’s getting weaker and weaker and Meghan just gives him orders it seems and he It does. Because I don’t think any man … would actually want to do that to his family.”


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