Benefits Of Love Marriage | Why Should We Get Married?

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Benefits of love marriage | Why should we get married?


Benefits of love marriage

 A relationship is an important part of our life it makes us feel closer to each other. It can help us have better quality of life and enjoy a happy and satisfied life. But some relationships are not good for the soul. There are some people who want to marry when they are children just to make them feel less lonely. They think that marriage is good when you cannot bear any more loneliness. So there are many situations in which you prefer to be unmarried or even love marriage has a lot of benefits and it feels good to be married.


Benefits of love marriage

Being Married

1. You are able to have your own house, children

2. No one should say he/she will not do something if you refuse to have kids.

3. If you feel bored, you can use the house for entertaining

4. In case you want to travel, you can go anywhere you like and have no responsibility.

5. You can get financial aid

6. Your spouse pays the mortgage

7. Family is a big matter

8. Being wed will give you a sense of belonging, responsibility and freedom over your child

9. Children are more open to you; they never judge you and want to learn from their parents.

10. Not having children can be stressful. When you are single, there is no pressure to settle down. Also, you feel less stressed out because you don’t have to put yourself or your child on hold when you have to leave for work or college/university etc.

11. Single can be pretty boring. The person who chooses to remain single can find no passion or interest because nobody really wants to commit to anybody else.

12. People who live with people and who love people can have friends more easily that those who live by themselves. Everyone who has children will have at least two or three friends, but there are also couples who can have many friends as well. Having other people around also gives you many opportunities. That can increase your happiness and fulfillment of life. You can still choose who you want to spend your time with. You do not face any problems about finding someone you want to be with, so you can enjoy doing what you want to do. People who are in love can always agree on anything they want to do together. So you do not need to worry about getting married or not married.


Benefits of love marriage

 Many married women prefer being married. This is because they are afraid of being alone. As a woman, married women can share the parenting responsibilities with their husband. Being married is also a great way to secure financial security and independence. Women can also look for jobs and become successful too.


Parents need a reason why they should live together with their kids or children. Married people do this through their children because there is a bond between mother and child. Both of them share everything. Therefore, when the marriage gets tough between the parents and child, the adult and child will get tough as well. Parents also need reasons to say they should live together.


In conclusion,

 I am writing this article as my wife loves me very much and is looking forward to getting married to me soon. After all, we are both going to achieve our goals together.


There is no point in living separate lives and choosing different ways to lead your life. If you want to live independently then do what you want to do. Try doing whatever you like and you will see how happy you are once you do it. Only a few things will change though. Do what you want to do and you will never run out of money. You will just need a lot of courage. Courage to quit your comfort zone and start the new challenge. Courage to take a step-in front of everyone to begin again.


A person who knows about the bad consequences of not living together with the family will never want to live alone and if they want to do the same thing to have more money than marriage is the best choice for them. They think marriage is so easy, but it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Some people think that they would be able to go live by themselves if they had to wait to marry till, they were 30. Those who marry early tend to be happier than others because they know how difficult it is to make things work. I can’t stress enough about it. Yes, getting married could be challenging but the reward will be worth it. Just try to follow the advice given to you and your partner is very important. Make sure you both don’t get disappointed. Don’t let anyone tell you that your relationship is over before it even starts. Try doing everything possible to make each other happy. And believe me when I say it works!

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